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Spring 2019
Chisinau, Moldova



Eco-hackathon is an international collaboration initiative for developing innovative solutions, functional prototypes, and 'green' startups to address specific environmental issues and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It combines the advantages of a tech startup hackathon with the orientation towards ideas, projects, and innovations in environmental protection and sustainable development.

Eco-hackathon is organized with the use of gamification, e-learning, and citizen science, which are implemented throughout the two core components of the project:

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With the green entrepreneurship course we enable participants to get ready for the Eco-hackathon and have the knowledge and skills necessary to create their innovative solutions and prototypes.

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In the final challenge, participants use all the knowledge, skills, and experience from the course to create innovative solutions and prototypes on specific themes and for specific SDGs.


Eco-hackathon focuses on creating innovative solutions and prototypes for specific SDGs.

In 2019, the main theme is:

Goal 7: affordable and green energy
We want you to develop and present sustainable solutions, functional prototypes, and 'green' startups that ensure access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for all.

We especially welcome the submission of ideas and solutions on how to engage civil society into energy efficiency and renewable energy use.
The secondary themes are:

Goal 11: sustainable cities
Goal 13: climate action

You may choose to work on solutions, prototypes, and startups addressing any of the three themes and SDGs, however your creation should focus particularly on civic engagement into the chosen SDGs.




Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy is a social entrepreneurial organization focused on delivering services of gamification, game development, gamified trainings, and e-learning with environmental and social value.

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Watergratt Pirita

Watergratt Pirita is a non-governmental organization focused on developing civic society through the creation of educational, networking and social events and programmes on various topics: campaigning, project management, etc.

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You as a Partner

If you are interested in our Eco-hackathon, we invite you to join us to organize this innovative, fun, and much needed project together. Please contact us to initiate the discussion about possible collaboration.



The first edition of Eco-hackathon was held in 2016.
It was organized by MEGA and Hai Moldova in partnership with Generator Hub.

At the Eco-hackathon 2016, 17 teams were selected to participate based on the merit of their ideas. These teams benefited from expert guidance, workshops, and support from experienced mentors. Finally, after a challenging but exciting weekend full of co-creation, the jury selected 4 promising ideas. The winning teams received awards and in-kind support provided by the Eco-hackathon partners.

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43 applications received

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17 project ideas selected

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5 workshops organized

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4 winning ideas supported

Photos from Eco-hackathon 2016

They wrote about Eco-hackathon 2016

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Valuable Learning

You will gain practical knowledge and develop skills in green entrepreneurship in the domain of energy.

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International Mentors

You will benefit from guidance and mentoring support from international mentors and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Exciting Prizes

You will get the chance to receive prizes not only as a winning team, but also throughout your journey in the Eco-hackathon.

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High-level Networking

You will meet with peer innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs from Moldova and other participating countries.

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Fun Teamwork

You will form teams and co-create your solutions by going through a fun game-like journey with missions and challenges.


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I. Application

Your application has to convince the selection committee that you have the commitment and capability to develop and present a functional solution or prototype as per the requirements of Eco-hackathon. You do this by registering on the MEGA platform and completing MEGA missions.

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II. Preparation

We invite you to attend our green entrepreneurship course, where you watch on-line trainings, accomplish practical missions, earn experience points, and attend a one-week training programme with international trainers and mentors. At this level, you also meet with other participants, assemble into a team, and start developing your idea as preparation for the upcoming challenge.

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III. Challenge

At the final level you and your team put all the knowledge gained and skills developed in the Course to co-create a viable idea. During a weekend, you develop your idea into a prototype. You will do so with the valuable mentoring and advisory support from our trainers and mentors. Finally, you present your solution before an international jury and, if successful, be awarded with exciting prizes.


The application process for Eco-hackathon is not open yet.
If you are interested to apply and participate, we invite you to subscribe to our news and updates by leaving your e-mail address below. In this way, we will be able to notify you when the application process is open.


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Alexandr Iscenco photo

Alexandr Iscenco

Project coordinator

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Darja Rovba

Partnerships coordinator

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Olesea Terna

Talents coordinator

We are happy to connect with you and discuss possible collaboration and/or participation in Eco-hackathon.
You can contact us by sending a message our e-mail or by using the form below.